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    Manufacturing Abosrbant Kraft Paper
    a production capacity of 125 TPD.
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    Best1 Paper Solutions for Absorbent Kraft Paper
    Superb quality
    Good Klemn Values
    Excellent porosity

Welcome To Fortune - Papers

Fortune Papers is an acknowledged Kraft Paper Manufacturer and Supplier. We facilitate our countrywide clientele from our base in the city of Morbi, Gujarat.

Recycled Process

Eco-friendly Absorbent Kraft Paper

We are offering Absorbent Kraft Paper with phenolic resins, pressed and hardened under heat and high pressure.

Engage and involve customers, vendors and contractors in our environmental sustainability mission by sharing our expectations to collaboratively achieve our environmental objectives towards greening the supply chain

Integrate energy and environmental considerations into the design of our facility.

Improve resource efficiency in operations, especially for key resources such as, energy and water