The Absorbent Kraft Paper

The Absorbent Kraft Paper has a good absorbance and penetrating power. The high viscosity Absorbent Kraft Paper is used for lamination. The Absorbent Kraft Paper is widely used in Decklan sheets. The product is frequently used in furniture as top layer. The Absorbent Kraft Paper is available at market leading prices.

Variants 100-200 GSM.
  • High Wet Strength
  • Highly Porous
  • Uniform Thickness
  • Good Absorption Properties
  • Superb quality
  • Excellent porosity
  • Good klemn values

Abosrbant Kraft Papers Grades

  • Regular Absorbent Kraft

    The regular absorbent Kraft grade is manufactured with a mix of OCC waste from different origins. It is made sure that there are no contaminations as well it is made sure that the paper has achieved the maximum properties as well as cleanliness.
  • Gold Absorbent Kraft

    The Gold Absorbent Kraft grade of paper is manufactured with a mix clean imported waste paper procured from different origins. The quality of the paper is far more premium than the regular absorbent Kraft grade. The fibers as well as the lignin content are maintained in a proper ratio so that the laminators can use the best possible paper and attain the maximum output for the laminate sheets with far better quality.
  • Platinam Absorbent Kraft

    The Platinum Absorbent Kraft grade of paper is manufactured with a mix of Virgin Pulp & Imported Waste Paper procured from different origins with prior approval of the material from the QC department. By adding such a fine mix of materials the paper produced is of excellent quality. The Ash content is 2% only and it is used in manufacture of High Pressure Laminates with a premium quality.

Abosrbant Kraft Papers Used In

  • Interior Decor
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Layers of Decorative Laminates.