About Fortune Paper Mills LLP

Fortune Paper Mills LLP is a leading manufacturer of Absorbent Kraft Paper in India. We produce waste paper based Absorbent Kraft paper. We have a production capacity of 150 T.P.D. We manufacture three grades of Absorbent Kraft paper. The first grade is made from OCC material and is the most economical grade of paper. The second grade is manufactured from clean imported waste paper procured from US & other countries. The Third Grade is manufactured using Virgin Pulp & clean imported waste paper which is contains lowest ash content.

The Ash content of the paper ranges for 10 % to 2 % depending upon the grade of paper. The Water Clement is provided as per the customer requirements. The formation of the paper is the best you can get from recycled Kraft paper. Using the best available material and getting the best possible technical properties for our paper has been our aim at Fortune Paper Mills LLP. With quality control equipments procured from BTG (leading manufacturer of Quality Control equipments) The GSM range can be produced from 100 to 200 GSM. With the best infrastructure to manufacture process & store materials we always aim to provide the best possible quality and service to our customers.

Technical Partners

  • JMC Paper Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Garuda Engineers
  • Sam Turbo Pumps
  • Parason Machinery
  • Shalimar Wire Industries
  • BTG
  • Industrial Boilers Ltd.
  • Forbes Marshall
  • Control Technique (Emerson)

Our Privileged Customers

  • Cedar D├رcor (Durian)
  • Advance Laminates
  • Rebecca Laminates
  • Alfa Ica Laminates
  • Vee Decor Laminates
  • Rangoli Laminates
  • Rainbow Laminates
  • Hybond Laminates
  • Riona Laminates
  • Salasar Laminates Pvt. Ltd.
  • Harmony Laminates
  • Rosewood Laminates
  • Om Lamcoat
  • Grafitti Laminates
  • Reolaxe Laminates
  • Abhay Laminates
  • Rajal Laminates
  • Fasten Laminates
  • Parikshit Laminates
  • Timex Art Decor
  • Euro Decor
  • Suntouch Laminates
  • Ambition Mica
  • Aim Laminator
  • Airolam Ltd.
  • Deco Mica
  • Siesta Laminates
  • Purbanchal Laminates
  • Touch Laminates
  • Motherlam Laminates
  • Sterling Laminates
  • Wonder Laminates